November Update

Monday 5th March, 2018

Dear Prayer Partners
On the 30th of October I wrote asking you to pray for my trip to Poland, with a particular request for the very short turnaround in Düsseldorf, where I only had one hour between flights! Thank you; due to special assistance I received I enjoyed the smoothest trip for years!
Working with my dear friend, Pastor Mariusz Socha I enjoyed a very blessed and successful time. During that time, I spoke at two main Sunday services; a meeting at a children’s home near Szczecin to the children together with some of the parents and staff; also a meeting with the church youth group; and two house groups, one in Poland, the other in East Germany. During the latter, one of the ladies present gave testimony at the end to the effect that she was praying about three problems she was experiencing while driving to the meeting and that each of the three points in my message spoke to each of her three problems! I later received a lovely message from another lady present saying that the Lord had used me in a special way for the second time in her life! What a blessing to ‘know’ and not just ‘believe’ that the Lord is working through your ministry.
Additionally, we were able to spend time with a Professor of Literature who had been one of the speakers at a series of meetings in Szczecin commemorating the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. Although he is a Buddhist, he is also an expert on the literature of the Reformation. He seems to be seeking, and had accepted an invitation from Mariusz to meet at his house. He came together with his wife and spent several hours there when he also gratefully received a copy of the new Polish Bible translated by my dear friend, Piotr Zaremba. Please pray for him and his wife (Piotr & Malgorza).
While there we were also able to conduct (I think it was eight) different school classes with the assistance of three Officers from the local Szczecin Police Force. One of them, Michael, had been training for the Priesthood, but had left because he wanted a wife and family! We were able to share good spiritual conversations with him and pray for a future work of the Lord within his life and the possibility of further conversations during future cooperation. Please pray for him, together with Thomas, and Monica a Police woman who accepted my offer of prayer for a problem she is experiencing, and so I prayed outside the school as we departed and she left with tears in her eyes.
We were also able to enjoy a good meeting with Piotr Makuch, the chief of police and his deputy discussing future areas of cooperation. We also met with Andrzej Szrajber the Head of the Department of Prevention, an expert in the area of Internet dangers and the problems of cyber-bullying. He will be involved in our next Polish project at the end of February, the production of two new Alfred films covering the subjects of ‘Domestic Violence’ and ‘Dangers of the Internet’ for Primary / Junior School children.
We also met with Witold Dusiñski, Director of Dusinski Media, the Company who will make the Alfred films in Poland for us, discussing the production, scheduling and the need for some script changes.
I’m sure that’s enough from me and Poland, please read on for our family news from Maureen!
Every sincere blessing for a wonderful Christmas season this year
Dear Friends,
Our children are ok; they all are involved in their churches, house groups and Alpha courses etc. They
have the stresses and strains of working lives that most people experience these days, life is never
The grandchildren are doing well; Katrina is a midwife, Jack an Audi mechanic, Peter has finally got a
job that he loves; in an airport, and Joe who graduated a month ago, is in Norway. He believes he is
called by God to work there and is exploring the possibilities’, more news when things become clear.
We are so grateful to the Lord for our family.
Pete and I have a heavy cold, both at the same time! Synchronised coughing and groaning! I hope we
are better by the weekend as it is our Church 150th anniversary. The church started in the caretaker’s
home, in Witton Cemetery. That was definitely from death to life!
Peter after years of study and about two years of writing finished his
PhD thesis. The title is, “The early Christianization and Conversation of
Britain”. It is interesting to know that Christianity was in Britain within
7 years of the Resurrection, and that Paul knew several Britons in Rome,
and that he mentions some of them in his letters, Britons that brought
the Gospel here. Yesterday we intended taking the Thesis to Cranmer
College, but neither of us felt up to going, and breathing this cold on
friends we were going to visit as well was not acceptable.
In these uncertain days, how wonderful to know and love the Lord who knows everything that is
going on. To know that He is the WAY to God, the way to live, the way to get through our problems or
to know his enabling to cope with ongoing trials. That He is the TRUTH, when so many lies surround
us in the world and society today. When things are taught that are contrary to God’s word, and unless
we know the truth we ourselves can be deceived. That He is the LIFE, of everyone Christian or non
Christian, of plants and animals, while He gives us life we are meant to be here, He has a purpose for
each one of us. Most of all He wants to have a relationship with Him that will last for Eternity.
We pray that you and your family will know the Presence of the Lord this Christmas time and that He
will bless and guide you in the New Year.
With love from Maureen
Casts an eye over our family news, and writes: Peter was in Poland when I had my
birthday, but I didn’t mind I was thoroughly spoiled by our daughters, including a GF
cream team in a crocodile farm, as you do!

October news

Tuesday 31st October, 2017

Dear Prayer Partners

I am writing to ask for your prayers as I travel to Poland on Thursday. I will be flying from Birmingham to Duesseldorf, then Duesseldorf to Berlin, from where I travel by MiniBus to Szczecin in Poland until November 14th.

My very particular prayer request is for the turnaround in Duesseldorf. I only have one hour between flights! Please pray that I make all my connections.

My dear friend, Mariusz Socha (who I haven’t seen for a couple of years), is organising the programme.

He tells me that the general plan is, that I will be:

1. Preaching at the church meetings:services, home group, youth group.

2. Meetings at the schools with Alfred.

3. Meeting with the Szczecin Police: where I will be able to renew my friendship with Officers Piotr Makuch, the Police Commander, and Andrzej Szrajber the Head of the Department of Prevention, and author of Cyber-Jungle (an anti-cyberbullying programme).

We will be discussing the production of two new Alfred films covering the subjects of ‘Domestic Violence’ and ‘Dangers of the Internet’ for Primary / Junior School children.

4. Meeting with Witold Dusiñski, Director of Dusinski Media, the Company who make the Alfred films in Poland for us, discussing the production and scheduling for the new films.

5. Apparently, I will also have the joy of renewing fellowship with with families from the church and rebuilding the relationships after the problems and trauma we have endured over the last couple of years. Plus, there may be a little time for some relaxation!

Thank you all for your support and prayers

Blessings, Peter

May 2017 update

Wednesday 17th May, 2017

We wrote to you at the end of February bringing you up to date with some of our news, and expressing once again the ongoing stress we have been experiencing for over a year. We are sorry, that on the advice of our solicitor, we have been unable to share the details with you until now.
For our own protection and peace of mind, however, please forgive us if we do not go into any great detail even now as we rejoice in the great victory our Lord has given us. Suffice to say that back in December 2015, a very serious, although unfounded accusation was made against Peter from a Muslim source, resulting in a prosecution being bought against him. Since that time you will understand how our faith and trust has been greatly challenged. However, God has given us promise after promise. Dr R T Kendall gave us a prophetic word at a conference we attended a few weeks later, he then laid hands on Maureen and I, and prayed for us.
We were then directed to a wonderful Christian solicitor who could not understand why the case was ever taken to Court. We were also led to a Christian Barrister who represented us in Court.
The Court Case took place on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this last week. I was relying on the promise in Luke 12, verse eleven: ‘when you are brought to trial, don’t worry how you will defend yourself, or what you will say, for the Holy Spirit will teach you at that time what you should say.’ Our main desire was that the Lord may be glorified through the trial. I am told that this definitely happened through my Cross Examination in Court, although I can hardly remember anything, I seemed to be on a different plane. Apparently at the end I lifted the Bible high, and said: ‘In the name of the God I love and serve, and will answer to one day, I have told you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.’ The Jury were out for just minutes and came back with a unanimous ‘Not Guilty’ verdict.
Bearing in mind our solicitor’s advice, we would deeply urge you not to share the information contained in this prayer-news with anyone else at all, it is provided just for your ongoing prayer support as we attempt to continue in our ministry and seek to know the Lord’s leading for our future. Blessings, Peter
MAUREEN WRITES: Dear Friends, The last two years have been really tough. We had a bad car crash on the way to visit my poorly Mum, and Pete’s breast bone was broken right through. In the summer, we were told on the same day, in the morning, that Pete had cancer on his head and in the afternoon that Mum had cancer in her lungs, liver and bones. Remember I told you that she shouted, “Yippee!” she wanted to go to the Lord. Mum died in October and we were still coming to terms with all that entailed, when the Police came and arrested Pete. He was held for 8 hours, I had no idea what he was accused of or where he was. I will not go into detail just to say we were in great shock and so was our family. When we heard the charge, we all had no doubt that he was innocent; it seemed to us to be a set up.
One night, soon after his arrest, unable to sleep, I went downstairs and cried to the Lord to speak to me. I did something we are told that we should never do! I opened the Bible and pointed to a verse, one that I had never really noticed before. Psalm 37:33 “I will deliver you from the hands of the wicked, you will not be condemned when you are brought to trial.” Over the next months the Lord bombarded us with precious promises every day. So many in fact I had to say “No more Lord, I can take anymore!” Charles Price notes on Psalm 23 “He prepares a table before me in the presence of my enemies.” he said that to have a feast you have to be in a fight,” Boy did we have a feast of Promises, I keep a journal and have pages of them.
When we kept our eyes on Jesus we coped well, but when we looked at all that was going on around us, we would sink down and at times were terrified. The Lord kept every promise. When Pete was being grilled by the Prosecutor, [Persecutor, my brother called him] Jesus took over. He was definitely in that box with Pete, and spoke through Him. We are so glad that there was a unanimous NOT GUILTY verdict. Our daughters and Pete’s sister, my brother and sister-in-law all took time off work and supported us in court. Two Trustees and a retired police Detective Superintendent; spoke for Pete.
Our Church has been very supportive, and although they knew what was going on kept it to themselves. A few friends also prayed for us and supported us. We are so grateful to you all.
For prayer –
 That we and our family may recover from the trauma soon.
 That the Lord will guide us on what we should do next.
 For Pete who has damaged his knee, it is not Arthritis; he has to have an MRI on the 21st of May.
 Keep praising the Lord whatever is happening, He is faithful who promised.
Love from Maureen