Christmas News

Tuesday 4th December, 2018

Maureen shares our latest news:

Dear Friends, Thank you for your prayers and support over the last few months. It has been a very unsettled time as we still seek the Lord for what He wants us to do next. Pete is still keen to use his Evangelism experience to help others, passing on the baton as he calls it! We have both been speaking at different churches mostly in this area. I have also had a lot of health problems, antibiotics and hospital tests. One long term problem was put right by a trip to the Chiropractor! The strangest thing of all was that I became allergic to my Thyroid tablets! Even I could not believe it! I would wake up feeling fine in the morning, and a couple of hours after taking my medication, I would start to feel ill. I gradually worsened during the day and in the evening suddenly felt well again. For months I tried everything I could think of, then I changed my brand of Thyroxin and now I am well!

In September, we had a lovely holiday in Madeira. The weather was great, a bit too warm to do much, so sitting in the shade in the grounds of our hotel was just what we needed. If you love flowers and plants you would love Madeira.

We were back a few days and then went to ‘dog sit’ for Pepper, Lynzi’s short haired German Pointer. Our grandchildren were at home but both work long hours, Katrina as a Ward Manager in hospital and Jack is an Audi Service Technician. It was really nice to spend time with them. Lynzi & Paul went to Kentucky to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary, where they visited a full size replica of Noah’s Ark and the Creation Museum. They were very impressed and had loads of photos to show us. It does look amazing. Paul & Lyn are very involved in their church. Paul works with the young people, the men’s ministry, and does some teaching. Lyn is the practical one who cares for people, and beavers away in the background making people welcome.

At the end of October, Pete led another tour to Israel. There were 37 of us, including thirteen lovely people from our own church! Chris, a friend from church, kindly organised a minibus for the 17 people from the Birmingham area to get to Heathrow. At Heathrow, we met up with ‘soon to be friends’ who had booked through our travel agency. But best of all, we were joined by Anita & Rob and Lynzi & Katrina. Our granddaughter was the one who had persuaded Pete to do ‘just one more trip’, so that she could go with him! Our girls had been with us on our first ever trip to Israel about 33 years ago so it was lovely that they came again. They were a real help to us as we led and took care of the people. The group gelled well together and we had fun, but also some moments when the Lord’s presence was so real, those times were very precious. We sang together, ‘Be still and know that I am God,’ in the Church of St Anne, by the pool of Bethesda, only to be joined by a Polish group who sang it in their own language. It was lovely! To our amazement a Polish lady flung her arms around Pete and hugged him. He had preached in her church in Poland several times! The trip was hectic and we were all tired afterwards, but you have to see as much as possible when you are there. Several people heard about the trip and want Pete to do another one next year.

Anita & Rob are both finding their work stressful presently. Both are involved in their church, where Rob is a deputy church warden. Rob is also part of a team that goes out to feed the homeless people of Milton Keynes. Anita leads a Home group and administers Prayer Line. She recently has started to speak at a women’s group and at a local church.

Next May, we have a family wedding! Peter (our eldest grandson) is marrying the lovely Larissa, at St Mary’s Church, Bletchley. They are both keen Christians and would appreciate prayer for the wedding and all the preparations. They have asked Peter (granddad) to give the message at their marriage service. Peter (grandson) is working as a Flight Operations Controller, for 206 Squadron at RAF Brize Norton, so they will be looking for somewhere to live in that area and would appreciate prayer for that too. His brother Joe is back in England after several months in Norway. Joe is desperate to go back and work for the Lord but because of the language barrier, he has not been able to secure a job there. Currently, he is employed in social care but is seeking new opportunities and would appreciate prayer also.

We have a new Pastor at our church. He is a great preacher/teacher and has big ideas for the church. I really feel that there will be exciting weeks ahead. It is good to be a part of it.
Peter writes: As I expected, Maureen has not left me much room! However, that shouldn’t matter too much as she’s shared almost everything. I’m particularly blessed when I see the Lord working in people’s hearts and being able to lead them to Christ. I think of two in particular after preaching at a service yesterday, in addition to four young teenage girls who came to Christ at the end of another service just a few weeks ago. Please find a place for them in your prayers, that they may grow in the love, grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Maureen also mentions another Israel trip next year. We have decided to proceed with this and are working with our Jewish Tour Company to plan flights and itineraries etc. We have decided to ‘take on board’ the suggestions made by this year’s tour members and will make some changes to next year’s itinerary. These will include removing two or three sites from the tour, which members felt could be, replaced with other more interesting ones, and also giving more time for private exploration and contemplation. For example, a little longer on the shore of the Sea of Galilee paddling and reflecting on Jesus ministry along that same shore! We will send more information and post details on our website: ( when they are available.
May we take this opportunity to wish all of you a very Happy Christmas and a New Year full of spiritual blessing.
Love from Peter & Maureen

June update

Thursday 19th July, 2018

Dear Praying Friends
We last wrote to you at the end of March with reference to a proposal Peter had received from Dr Ron
George, Director of the Eurasia Education Foundation. Among the points Ron proposed were:
That Peter and Maureen partner as members of EEF whilst not making any changes with their own
present charity setup including being answerable to their own board.
That EEF introduces Peter’s valuable ministry in training Sunday school teachers and evangelistic
ministers in Divitia Gratiae University and their graduates in Central Asia. (Turkish and Persian
That Peter is available to teach at the annual Camp held in Moldova and any other DGU linked churches
in Central Asia.
With this in mind, our CFM Trustees met on the 16th March and made the decision that Peter should
travel to Moldova in June, taking up an invitation to visit the Summer school, where a camp for
children is running concurrently. They would like to have evening meetings and ask me to speak and
lead many of those. This will give me the chance to assess the opportunities for ministry there, and
then report back to the Trustees when I return (This will take place on Thursday next week, please
pray for our meeting). Here follows an account of my visit:
I travelled to Chisinau in Moldova on Saturday July 16th, via Frankfurt in Germany. Were it not for the
assistance of a Russian lady also travelling to Chisinau I would never have made my connection. Never
have I seen such a large number of people waiting to pass through security in Frankfurt. I estimate
well over 300 in my group, plus an equal number from the opposite direction. The lady said, follow me
and keep up! She forced her way through the crowds crying, ‘our plane is leaving, our plane is leaving!’
The lines parted like the Red Sea. A customs officer then noticed that my International Police
Association wallet in the tray had fallen open revealing my badge, he said, ‘Police?’ and passed me
through giving me specific directions as to where to go for my flight. The Russian lady in white pushed
me ahead up the steps onto the plane saying, ‘I’ll follow you.’ That was the last I saw of her, I couldn’t
see her anywhere on the plane, or at Chisinau when I arrived! Was she a Russian angel?
On arriving at the University was greeted by Mihai Malancea, the Principal, and related to him the
details of my journey. When he heard the details he asked to see my badge and said that there was a
meeting of the Christian Police Association of Moldova that week. I told him that I was a member of
the CPA too, at which point he said, ‘wait!’ pulled out his phone, and spoke to someone (in Romanian)
for a couple of minutes, before informing me that he’d been talking to a senior Police Officer (a
member of his church), who was the secretary to the Christian Police Association of Moldova and that
I was invited to be a guest speaker at the Conference!
The following day we went to the Summer School Conference at the Christian Camp in Vatici (about
45km from Chisinau) where the training sessions for the Pastors and Christian Workers would be
held. I had only been allotted an hour each evening for my sessions, meaning that I had spent many
hours preparing materials which were never used. The time was somewhat redeemed by the
opportunity to speak at a couple of camps for around 20 minutes each morning, one for children and
the other for teens, which were held at the same as the conference. I was also pulled aside quite a few
times during the two weeks by a few of the conference delegates who were eager to learn more. I have
also received some very encouraging emails of thanks from a couple of the delegates from Russian
republic of Kabardino-Balkaria in the North Caucasus.
Half way through the training Conference, Mihai took me to the other Conference for the Christian
Police Association. He told me that the Baptists were the largest Christian groups comprising around
20%, the others were members of the Orthodox Church, and so there would probably be a large
number of delegates who needed to hear the Gospel preached. You never have to tell an Evangelist
something like that twice! So, in addition to sharing my past experiences of working with the Police I
was able to use some of my Illusions to share a short Gospel message. My contribution was very well
received and will probably result in further work with the Police, and the Alfred Films that we made
being dubbed into Romanian for use in schools with the Police in Moldova!
Please keep us in your prayers during the coming days.
Every sincere blessing

March Update

Monday 5th March, 2018

Dear Prayer Partners:
We sent our last news just after my return from Poland at the end of November. Last week I was in Poland again, preaching and filming two new Alfred Programmes covering the subjects of ‘Domestic Violence’ and ‘Dangers of the Internet’ for Primary / Junior School children. Two of the Police Officers (Monica & Michael) mentioned in our previous email, were starring in the film. Together with Alfred of course!
This trip was very sad for me. Alfred accompanied me on the outward leg, but he has now emigrated to Poland and I returned alone. This of course is a result of the Muslim allegations against me which have made it impossible for me to continue working in the Birmingham schools. The Evangelical Church of Poland in Szczecin under the direction of Pastor Mariusz Socha are now taking over the Programme and are very prayerfully seeking to find one of their members to be the new operator of Alfred’s actions, voice and personality. Please pray with them. I was to include a small slot with Alfred in the morning service last Sunday but unfortunately found tears coming to my eyes and decided to leave him in his ‘Polski-Dom’ Polish Home Suitcase! Please would you also pray for the finances in setting up the new charity; website; and payments for the new films we made last week.
As for the Lord’s guiding for my future ministry, I did ask you to pray about this matter, but didn’t ask you to suggest what you thought the Lord might want us to do. However, in our replies we have had several friends who have used the phrase ‘creative teaching’ as an area of ministry in which they feel I am equipped. One other praying friend felt a particular phrase recurring in her thoughts and wrote, ‘Proclaim the King.’
In addition, my own thoughts have returned very often to a seminar I used to teach quite a few years ago, entitled: The TIME Seminar. ‘Training in Motivational Evangelism.’ In an endeavour pass on to others, the many gifts, materials, and ideas which the Lord has given me to use in sharing the Good News, I feel inspired to up-date all these materials and aids, and offer them to Churches and Groups who feel a need / call to share their faith with others, but feel a lack motivation, skills, and gifting to put into practice. I love the idea of creatively teaching groups to Proclaim the King. I believe He’s coming soon, and we want to help people to be ready!
I finished my Doctoral Thesis at the end of last year and the faculty of the College thought that it would be nice to travel from the most northerly part of England to have the graduation service as part of our morning service at George Road on the 11th of this month. Should you live close by you are very welcome to attend.
Before concluding, I should say that I am very privileged to lead another tour (I’ve lost count how many), to Israel at the end of October, beginning of November this year. We still have a few places left and I can send full details to you if you make contact. I will take the liberty of attaching a little brochure in pdf format if you want to get an idea of what’s included.
Maureen writes: Dear Friends: It is the 1st March and I’m writing this while watching the snow come down and being blown about by the very strong winds and freezing temperatures that are a precursor of storm Emma. I’m so grateful to be indoors and warm.
I had an eye test this week and was told that I have a precursor of a cataract. It probably won’t develop by my next eye test in two years, but maybe in about five years. I was pondering the word ‘Precursor’, and thinking about some of the terrible things that are happening in our world today and I believe they are a precursor of the return of our Lord Jesus. Of course we don’t know the time or the date of His return, but Scripture says, “When you see these things happening, look up because your redemption is drawing near.” Luke 21:28. Just as I am watching the storm from the safety and warmth of my home, I’d like to stay safe in my salvation. However, Jesus calls us to go out and tell others of His love for them, His death and resurrection. This is a challenge for us as we ponder what the Lord has in
mind for us to do now. Several things have come to an end and we are looking to Jesus to show us what lies ahead.
At our Church things are changing too. Alan Pike has faithfully served as our Pastor for sixteen years but will shortly be retiring. He has also served as a trustee of CFM for many of those years. We are truly grateful for the support that Alan, together with his wife Marjory have given us, especially as they stood with us at a really difficult time in our lives. We thank the Lord that we have a new Pastor who will be taking over the reins of our church in May. His name is Daniel Bara and our congregation have come to know and support him over time. He originally came from Romania, where the Lord called him to step out in faith and start ten Romanian Churches in Britain. Daniel did this with the help of others and now feels the next step for him is to pastor our Church. Watch this space!
Peter, finally, after several years of research, has finished his thesis on how Christianity came to Britain (within seven years of the resurrection, it is really interesting), and he has been awarded his Ph.D degree. His graduation is at our church on Sunday 11th March. Our girls and some of their family are coming here for the service, which will be lovely. Our family are all OK, very much as they were the last time I wrote to you. We pray that the Lord will surround you and those you love with His peace and protection.
Thank you for your support and prayers,
Maureen & Peter